original " Ostfriesland "- coat of arms, handmade and handpainted from Aurich/ Ostfriesland
can used in and outdoor.
Size: 40 cm wide and 57 cm high.
Structure surface.

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The Ostfriesian coat of arms (meaning and history) 
Count Rudolf Christian, who governed from 1625 to 1628, make the 
first ostfriesian coat of arms. It shows a golden, 
virgin eagle (Harpyle) with a crown in the first black field and 
in the four corners per a golden tail landing gear. The Harpyle 
was the coat of arms of the Criksenas. The Wheels are to 
originate from the Norder coat of arms and point on the origin 
of first provable ancestor. In the second red field it 
shows a golden, to head and Wings crowned eagle (coat of 
arms tom of the Brook). By marriage of the count Enno 
with Gela of Manslagt the rule one-convenient to the house of 
the Cirksenas had come. In the third field is the coat of arms 
of the earlier count of one-convenient shown: In the 
silver field a red bar, that occupied with five alternating 
golden and silver lozenges. Over the bar two blue and 
under one blue Moon. The fourth field refers to the 
connection of the Cirksena with the Ukena. The later count 
Ulrich I had married the granddaughter Fokko Ukenas, Theda 
and combines the big possession of the Ukenas with 
his own .The coat of arms of the Ukena: On blue color a right-put 
up silver Lion with a golden crown around the neck. 
The two last fields refer to the Harlingerland. of the right-put 
up, red reinforced black Bear with golden collar on golden ground 
are the coat of arms of the Attena, the former counts of the 
Harlingerland. The two golden crossed whips in the blue field 
originate from the coat of arms of the count Omken (1473 to 1522). 
on the top of the ostfriesischen coat of arms are three crowned 
helmets. The middle, the lily before six golden ostrich feathers, 
golden as decoration, is part of the coat of arms tom of the tom 
Brooks. The third helmet carries as decoration two crosed whips and 
a lily. The helmet cover is blue. Its part of the coat of arms of 
the Harlingerland. The colors of the helmet cover result in the 
colors of the ostfriesian national flag black - red - under 
omission of gold - blue. 

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